Covid-19 Policy: Updated 02/12/2020

We would like to start by thank you for your continued support during this difficult time. As a result of the Covid-19 outbreak we have introduced even more stringent measures to ensure the safety of all staff and clients visiting Paeon injury and fitness. This follows a rigorous risk assessment (You can email us for a copy at

Our new measures to reduce infection risk are as follows.

All clients will be subject to a pre-visit triage. This allows us to screen for potential risks of Coronavirus infection. We will send you a copy of the form to fill in online. This form must be completed before visiting Paeon injury and fitness. If you are identified as a high risk patient we will complete a phone call triage to determine risk and identify a suitable pathway for treatment.

It will ask questions to help determine the risk of Coronavirus infection. Please fill this form in and sign to help us reduce the risk of infection within the clinic. The form will also ask you information regarding any vaccinations you may have had. This is due to the noted symptoms some people have experience following the vaccine and by asking for this information we can better assess the risks relating to your visit. NO SESSIONS WILL TAKE PLACE FOR PATIETS WHO HAVE BEEN VACCINATED WITHIN 48 HOURS OF THERE BOOKING OR WHO ARE STILL EXPERIENCING SYMPTOMS RELATING TO THE VACCINE.

We have completed a stringent risk assessment to determine potential risk of corona virus infection and implemented strategies and policies to reduce these risk. Although we have worked to limit risk as much as possible we cannot guarantee there is NO RISK of infection when visiting Paeon.

Upon arrival to your visit we will be operating a 1 in 1 out policy. This means you may have to wait outside for

a small period. Please practice social distancing if you choose to wait outside of your car and do not wait in the entrance door way. We must also mention at this point that chaperones must only be present where absolutely necessary i.e Under age of 16, medical assistance etc. All chaperones will need to fill out a screening questionnaire and be subject to the same PPE measures as the client.

When you arrive in the clinic you will be asked to sanitize your hands at our new sanitation station. This is compulsory so if you suffer with allergies please inform us during your triage. You will then be asked to provide a temperature reading for your clinician. 

All of our staff will be subject to strict PPE guidance. We will be wearing a face mask, visor (Where applicable) and gloves during your session (Subject to change relating to current government guidance See updates below). We also ask all visitors to wear a face covering whilst inside Paeon injury and fitness. If this raises an issue with you please inform us during your triage.

We have worked hard to risk manage our services. If there is an instance where skin contact is required we will ask for permission first and follow rigorous measures to ensure we perform the treatment in the safest way possible. If you object to skin contact you can inform us in your booking notes, upon arrival or when asked during your session.

For all Sports massage sessions we will clear skin contact before we apply treatment. This has been risk managed in our risk assessment and separate risk management documents. We will always ask before applying skin contact treatment and explain our management protocol. If you wish for the therapist to remain in gloves you can request this during your consultation. 

During your visit all staff will work to open doors and close them for you so you do not have to make contact with door handles etc. We also ask that you minimise the belongings you bring into the clinic and keep them close to you at all times. We will provide a box for belongings should it be required.

Our treatment rooms, bathroom, reception area and all other rooms will be subject to a strict cleaning regime. This can be found displayed in the building for you to read at any time. Please ask us if you wish to know what our regime involves. A full COSHH assessment has been carried out along with our infection control policy.

In brief this includes rigorous cleans before and after each visit and deep cleans at 7am and every 2 hours throughout the day following this.

All sessions will start at the agreed booking time. This gives us time to air out the building, change PPE and clean down the room for the next visitor. Please not there is no run over time for sessions. If you do arrive late we will not be able to extend your session to reflect. Thank you for your cooperation.

All staff will be subject to a rigorous PPE, health and safety and sanitation regime so all we ask is that you arrive in dry, clean clothes to avoid clinical contamination. Clients arriving in work wear may be turned away (Please do not get offended if this happens, we are trying to protect you).

All staff will undergo lateral flow testing where possible relating to attaining test kits.


Once you leave the clinic, we would ask that you sanitize your hands one final time and pop your waste in specially designated bins.

If at any point post visit you develop symptoms of Covid-19 or your are contacted by track and trace. Contact us so we can activate the relevant measures. Also if you;

1. Develop any of the following symptoms: 

2. Come into contact with a know case of Covid-19 whether you are contacted by track and trace or not 

3. A member of your support bubble or household is told to isolate

4. Somebody you have been in recent contact with has been told to self isolate even where Track and trace do not contact you

This helps us to make the best decision for our staff, clients and others who we may come in contact with.

Finally, we ask that you bring your own drinks where absolutely necessary during this period. our coffee machine is out of action in order to limit risk of contamination and increase the risk of us falling to sleep. Also, if you have any medical conditions or a reason why the above may not be possible or processable please email us on the address below.

All guidance above is subject to change as per Government updates. Please see below for updates and changes to policy.

All Updates outlined below

UPDATE 21/09/2020:

  1. We now have a track and trace QR code in the main reception area. This code can be utilised by all visitors to help with NHS Track and Trace. We also have a record of all visitors via our booking system and personal diary should we need to contact any clients in the event of a possible contamination. More details on this can be found on request by emailing

  2. We handle data inline with current regulations. The data we keep is for the purpose of services carried out at Paeon and we will never share your details with any third party unless previously agreed with the client

UPDATE 02/12/2020: As of December 3rd 2020 the following applies.

  1. Guidelines relating to Video triage have now been relaxed. We still apply vigilance when booking clients into the clinic and this includes the policies above such as Covid-19 screening, face coverings and PPE.

  2. Sports massage and other conditioning based services found on our service list are now available to book from December 3rd 2020 Onwards

  3. We will be operating all of the stringent measures outlined above and we will also be providing a telephone triage to all clients in order to risk manage your visit

COVID-19 Policy was amended in line with the end of Lockdown 2.0. This relates to the previous regulations during this lockdown regarding video triage. During Lockdown it was a mandatory stipulation for us to video triage all clients and screen for clinical reasoning. As of December 3rd 2020 we no longer need to video triage although we will call before your visit to risk manage your visit and you will have to complete a Covid-19 screening form prior to entry along with adhering to all the above policies and procedures.

UPDATE 07/04/2021: As of April 12th the following changes have been made.

  1. All clients are now subject to temperature checks on arrival to the clinic to allow us to reduce risk of infection.

  2. All Clients who have received there vaccine within 48 hours of there scheduled visit or who are still experience symptoms relating to the vaccine will be asked to reschedule.

  3. It has been advised that where possible all Staff will be subject to lateral flow testing  relating to latest government guidance. This will occur where possible and where tests are made available to our team.

  4. Clients will be asked to declare any changes in symptoms prior to entry, if circumstances change relating to your Covid-19 screening answers please inform us at prior to arrival at the clinic.

  5. PPE policy now states all Staff to wear mask and gloves as mandatory and visors will be used when working on face, neck, shoulder region.

  6. All clients must wear mask unless face down on the couch. If you are exempt from wearing a mask please make us aware prior to arrival.

  7. Shielding for venerable clients has now ended but we will still carry out stringent checks to determine risk. This will include a phone call to determine the risk relating to your venerable status to ascertain the most appropriate treatment route.

  8. ​Phone triage will only be applicable where screening is not passed or more information is needed.​

UPDATE 19/07/21 (No changes have been made to guidance)

In light of the latest government guidance we will still be operating under the same policy and protocols as states in the above update (07/04/21). Face coverings are no longer mandatory under the new guidance however we are still encouraging all clients to wear face coverings when entering the clinic to reduce the risk of infection. If this is something your are opposed to then please let us know in your booking notes.

This is a brief outline of our  Covid-19 Policy. For an up to date copy please email us at

Thank you again for your support, together we will get through this.